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I like you first and second and third.
title: a girl is a gun
characters: natasha romanova/black widow, clint barton/hawkeye
summary: she was a spy and then she met him.
a/n: set in movie-verse. an origin story, if you will, following the few times these two met (and tried to kill each other) before joining the same team. also, budapest.
words: 5037
warnings: violence


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I like you first and second and third.
18 February 2012 @ 11:52 am
title: by any other name, as sweet
prompt: Game of Thrones, Robb/Talisa, she never knew he was the king right up until she kissed him
pairing: Robb Stark/Talisa Maegyr, Robb Stark/Jeyne Westerling
words: 772
warnings: blood

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